Dog Boarding

At Wagsworth Manor, every one of our canine suites comes complete with a beautiful mural and super comfortable bed for your pup. In addition to daily cleaning and housekeeping, your dog will be served two premium meals and snacks throughout each day.

Because Wagsworth Manor is situated on six sprawling acres, your pup will never have to relieve himself inside which can be a really uncomfortable problem for a house-trained dog. Instead, they will have at least five outdoor potty outings each day, starting early in the morning and ending right before bed time.

Cat Boarding

Looking for overnight boarding for your kitty? Look no further. Our Feline Suites include overnight accommodations in individually-vented suites, two premium meals, snacks and housekeeping.

Daily activity time in our unique Catskills Play Room may be scheduled as well for no additional fee as long as your cat is use to being handled. Climbing trees, perches and creative hiding places combine to pique your cat’s curiosity and sense of adventure.

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If you still have questions about dog boarding, cat boarding, or our facilities, please feel free to call us at 610-251-9247 or visit our Contact page.