Wagsworth Manor’s Training Program is dedicated to enhancing the relationship between you and your pet. Whether you are looking to improve your furry family member’s manners, strengthen your bond, or provide a healthy outlet both mentally and physically, we can help you achieve your training goals. In a fun and positive environment, our training program will help you and your dog better understand and communicate with each other ultimately leading to a harmonious lifelong relationship.

Group Classes – New Classes Starting in January!

Wagsworth Manor is thrilled to be offering group training classes taught by our very talented and experienced training staff. The classes are designed for FUN first and foremost. Whether you are looking to start your puppy off right or teach your old dog new tricks, our weekday, evening, and weekend classes will help you learn the basics or fine tune more advanced skills. With the help of our trainers, you too can have that well-behaved pooch you have always dreamed of and in the process, strengthen the bond you have with your favorite canine companion!

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At Wags Training – Currently Unavailable

Looking to drop your dog off and have them learn a few new skills? Or need some private training with one-on-one attention? You have found your solution! Here onsite at Wagsworth, we offer many solutions, each designed with you and your dog in mind.

  • Board-n-Trains & Camp-n-Trains – Whether your canine companion is boarding with us while you are away or is here for the day, our trainers can work with your dog on skill sets you would like to develop or improve and will then transfer this learning to you upon your return.
  • Private Lessons – Have specific questions or behaviors you would like to modify? Sign up for a private lesson with a trainer, delivering you the individual attention you and your dog need.
  • Enrichment Sessions – Have a high-energy dog that likes challenges and enjoys learning new tasks? Then our Enrichment Sessions are a great way for your dog to expend physical and mental energy while with us. Your dog will receive gentle one-on-one guidance from an Enrichment instructor, in a variety of activities that will appeal to dogs of any age, breed or skill level.
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At Home Training – Currently Unavailable

For your convenience or for behavioral issues only occurring when you are in the comfort of your home, one of our professional trainers is happy to work with you there – at home! Often times certain dog behaviors only occur in the home environment, because your pet feels territorial, protecting family and space. Is your furry family member…

  • Barking at the mailman?
  • Jumping on visitors?
  • Guarding food, a favorite bed, or toys?
  • Needing help with potty training?
  • Getting into trouble with a sibling?

These are just a few examples of issues that are helpful to address at home. Or if you are just looking for convenience our at-home, private training sessions are perfect for that too!

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If you still have any questions about our dog training and related services, please feel free to call us at 610-251-9247 or visit our Contact page.