Dog Grooming


Treat your dog to a day at the spa! Wagsworth Manor’s full-service salon offers everything your pet needs to go home fresh and pampered. We want all of our pets to look and feel their best! Appointments with our talented groomers are available seven days a week to give your pup a sharp, new look! Prices vary by breed and condition of coat. The front desk is able to provide an approximate cost.


Groom ‘n Camp

Give your pup a chance to play, socialize and go home with a sleek, new look! Day camp and grooming are available seven days a week!


Nail Trimming

Regular nail trims reduce the growth of the blood vessels in the nail and also spare damage to your floors and furniture. This service is available for $15.

Upgraded nail services:


A sanding tool is used to finely file around the contour of the nail. This service is available for $20.

Brush Out Service

Our groomer can be scheduled to brush out your dog’s coat during a stay with us. This is recommended for any coats that require regular maintenance or for any water-loving dogs that may mat after some time in the pool. This service is available for $15 daily.


Teeth Brushing

Brushing your dog’s teeth is about more than just showing off pearly whites. Plaque and bacteria enter the bloodstream toward the heart, kidneys and liver, making them work harder. A quick brush at least twice weekly has health benefits.

Please be sure to check out our Bathing services too.


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