Swimming at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort is not only fun, but a great form of exercise.

Our indoor pool was designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. Broad steps run the width of the pool, to allow even the smallest dog to enter comfortably. Whether they just want to get their feet wet, or would enjoy splashing and swimming in the deeper water, we can accommodate your pet’s unique needs.

Swimming for Physical Therapy? We do not have a swim therapist on staff, but are able to do swimming with a veterinarian’s recommendations.

**For Individual Swims only we allow customers to be in the pool room, but not in the actual pool for liability issues.**

Swimming is offered both as an individual exercise or as group play.

Thirty minute sessions include: a pre-brush, post-rinse and towel dry. Pricing is as follows:

Individual Swim Time Group Swim Time
$45 per dog $35 per dog

Interested in signing up? Click here to get started or call us at 610-251-9247