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Dog Training at Wagsworth Manor

Wagsworth Manor’s Training Program is dedicated to enhancing the relationship between you and your pet.

We can help improve your furry family member’s manners, strengthen your bond, provide a healthy outlet both mentally and physically, and help you achieve your training goals.

In a fun and positive environment, our training program will help you and your dog better understand and communicate with each other, ultimately leading to a harmonious lifelong relationship.

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Our Training Programs


Want to teach your pup the basics? Want to work directly with a trainer, but with one-on-one attention? Prefer to drop your dog off and pick them up with better behavior? Have a smarty pup who can’t wait to learn the next new thing? Wagsworth Manor’s Training Program has something for almost every situation!

  • Board-n-Trains and Camp-n-Trains – Whether your canine companion is boarding with us while you are away or is here for the day, our trainers can work with your dog and then transfer the skills needed so you can reinforce the behavior at home.
  • Private Lessons – Either at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort or in the comfort of your own home, work with a trainer on a specialized behavior without your dog getting distracted by the rest of the class. Schedule a one-on-one coaching session and learn the how to get your dog on the road to success.
  • Enrichment Sessions – Have a high-energy dog who likes challenges and enjoys learning new tasks? Our Enrichment Sessions are a great way for your dog to expend physical and mental energy while with us. Your dog will receive gentle one-on-one guidance from a trainer in a variety of activities that will appeal to dogs of any age, breed or skill level. An excellent way to entertain dogs with limited physical abilities as well as brainiac dogs.

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Check out our Events Calendar to see all the training classes currently scheduled

Group Classes

Wagsworth Manor is thrilled to be offering group training classes taught by our very talented and experienced training staff. The classes are designed for FUN first and foremost. Whether you are looking to start your puppy off right or teach your old dog new tricks, our weekday, evening, and weekend classes will help you learn the basics or fine tune more advanced skills. With the help of our trainers, you too can have that well-behaved pooch you have always dreamed of and in the process, strengthen the bond you have with your favorite canine companion!

Puppy Play Time

Ages:  10 weeks to 6 months

What’s more fun than watching your puppy play?  Watching your puppy play with other puppies! Puppy Play time offers a fun, safe way to socialize your pup to other pups and new environments.  Help them (and yourself!) learn about dog to dog communication, what kind of play your puppy most enjoys, and “fair play.” Puppies are divided by size and play style.

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Puppy Pre-School

Ages: 10 weeks to 6 months old

Prerequisites: None

Early training and socialization of puppies helps establish good habits and healthy relationships right from the start. In this class, we’ll help you with basic commands, as well as address common puppy concerns such as jumping and mouthing. Our current curriculum offers Puppy Pre-school in a rotating format, with each class self-contained, so that puppies and handlers can jump into classes at any time, avoiding long waits before the next session starts.

This series includes:

  • Manners - Teach your pup to sit rather than jump, pay attention, wait, and walk nicely on leash.
  • Leave it/drop it – Teach your pup to ignore items that are off limits and to drop toys and inappropriate things they find.
  • Nipping Inhibition - Keep your hands and sleeves safe, and lay the foundation for a gentle mouth throughout your pups socialization.
  • Social Skills - Teach your pup to enjoy being touched for easy nail clippings, vet exams, grooming, etc.
  • House Training - Get the A to Z on potty training with helpful tips.
  • Basic Cues - Learning the basic commands that will set your puppy up for being a well-mannered furkid.
  • Fun, and more Fun!

Good Manners I

Ages: Over 6 months old

Prerequisites: None

Lay the foundation for a well-mannered dog.  Includes all the basic cues needed to make your dog the talk of the town (in a good way).

This class includes:

  • Basic cues – Sit, down, stay
  • Recall: coming when called
  • Walking on a leash without pulling – Stop people from asking who’s walking whom.
  • No jumping on people – or to jump on cue for those who enjoy it.
  • Leave it – teach your dog to resist temptation.
  • Drop it – To release toys or not toys.
  • Introduction to “settle”
  • Fun - Always!

Good Manners II

Ages: Over 6 months old

Prerequisite:  Good Manners I or equivalent

Adding the three Ds – duration, distraction, and distance – to the basic cues. Refining behaviors and  isolating cues – gestures only, verbal only.

This class includes:

  • Basic cues – Sit, down, stay
  • Recall/ Front – coming when called, sitting in front
  • Heel – Dogs staying on the left.  Cue can also be given for walking on right
  • Heel up – recall with the dog ending in a sit on the left
  • Leave it – teach your dog to resist greater temptations
  • “Settle” – relax on cue
  • Fun - Always!

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Check out our Events Calendar to see all the training classes currently scheduled

Trainer Biography

A recent California transplant, Kou Nelson arrives at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort as a self-proclaimed “Training Geek” with a true passion for training. Her extensive background in education, learning theory, and science of canine behavior has taught her how to better understand “dog” and how to improve communication between humans and their furry companions. Kou enjoys training as a way to help bridge the gap so dogs can understand people and their people can better understand them—leading to a more harmonious relationship for all!

She has worked with a variety of dogs, both with rescue organizations and furkids in their furever home, focusing on behavior issues, and including basic manners, AKC Canine Good Citizen (as a certified evaluator), and group classes.

Kou’s own dogs have participated in a variety of dog sports and three have been therapy dogs.  Recently, she has expanded her skills by training and providing enrichment for guinea pigs, goats, and sundry other farm animals.  Kou is currently “critterless” for the first time in 30 years, but looks forward to finding her forever home where she can re-establish her menagerie.  She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild which promotes a positive, non-invasive fear-free and pain-free training for all animals.

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